I was working off shore on an oil rig and gaining a lot of weight.  I had never stepped foot in a gym before, never mind worked with a trainer.  But I went to a gym and found Sue's number and gave her a call.  I immediately felt connected and comfortable with Sue. Together we devised a weight loss plan, which I felt was reasonable and, although challenging, attainable. I was bound and determined to lose the weight and develop some better eating habits. With Sue's help I have achieved my goal. Thank you Sue for all that you do!

Dan Connelly



I received personal training from Ms. Sue Curran from February 2004 to June 2006 [until job relocation].  Although I began training in reasonable physical shape, the result of the twice-weekly work was a remarkable and positive transformation in my overall physique, general conditioning, and sense of well being.  Ms. Curran continually modified our routine in a timely manner, thus maximizing the gains, maintaining my interest and motivation, and keeping me coming back.  I rarely missed a session.  From a personal point of view, Ms. Curran maintained a unique blend of genuine caring, sensitivity and lively sense of humor with an appropriately personal level of involvement.  By way of summary, I have no hesitation and take great pleasure in saying that she provided me with a model of personal training that will be a touchstone for my future work.

Dr. Richard L. Munich

Former Chief of Staff,

Menninger Clinic



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